The DiGO feeder scales


The DiGO is an automatic scales equipped with a load container.

The most important component of any feeder scales, the feeder, is unique. A steady feeding ensures, identical results. The structure of the DiGO feeder scales, which includes steplescontrols, allows for the precise and quick measurement of even small portions, even though the material being measured is not so fluid. 

The substance may by of several different tybes, including granules, grain, flakes, flour or powder. The scales are manufactured with highspeed, exact electronics. The sensor can perform 1000 measurements persecond.

DiGO scales are manufactured with a maximum weighing range extending from the small 1 kg model up to the 600 kg model. The DiGO is completely automatc and thus easy to combine with an automatic packing machine. The scales meets weight inspection standards.


digital display

equipped with counter

optional computer - and/or printer port

Control of coarse flow stepless Control of fine flow stepless

On order, the scales can be prepared from stainless steel.

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