The DOG electronic bagging scales fulfills all your requirements for precision, speed and versatility.


The structure of this measure device and its stepless control system allows you to sack a wide range of materials, such as granules, grain, flour and powder over a wide weight range quickly and precily. The scales is equipped with high-speed, exact electronics. The sensor can perform 1000 measurements persecond. Electronically controlled pneumatic functioning makes sacking quick and easy. The scales meets weight inspection standards.



pneumatic function

Max. sack filling speed* 5-10 sec./40kg

digital display


complete with, can also be installed permanently

Pneumatic fitting 0.6 MPa

equipped with counter

Pressurized air requirements/weighing 2 dm3

optional vent sack attachment

Mains 380/220 V 3 N Pe 50Hz

Rated power requirement 0.55 kW

optional computer and/or printerport

Control of coarse flow stepless

Control of fine flow stepless

On order, the scales can be prepared from stailess steel.

Height with stand 2300 mm

Weight range 50 kg max

Width 980 mm

Depth 820 mm

* The characteristics of material being weighed affects the filling speed. 



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